Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The birthdays keep coming

This blog started because I was about to turn 60 and it was my way of coping with this milestone event. On Monday, I hit 61 so I guess I survived turning 60, and I'm now well into this decade that I feared . . . So should I change the name of my blog?

It's been an interesting year. Work has been extremely busy because of the election and I'm also continuing my venture into throwing the shot and discus. It's my way of staying in shape. I competed in three tracks meets this year -- Stanford in April, Manteca in May and Long Beach in September. I missed most of the summer meets because of my work schedule.

Surprisingly, I won a second-place medal in the shot put at the masters track meet at Long Beach State in the 60-64 category. I didn't ask how many people competed in the shot. I was fourth in the discus, just out of the medal category. I threw better in both events in the two previous meets.

My technique definitely needs improving. I learned this from the photos that a photographer took at the Long Beach meet. I can see that I'm not throwing either implement the way I'm suppose to throw, and that limits my distance. I'll post some of the photos when I get them scanned into the system.

I also need to get stronger, which means more time in the gym with weights. So it's back to training.